Essential Safety Guide for Baseball Players

Despite the fact that baseball is a safe sport, injuries and accidents are quite common during the game. The head is usually affected which may lead to fatal consequences. As a matter of fact, some of these injuries can be avoided by taking note of these safety tips.

·        Acquire the right safety gear

The first step to avoiding injuries involves getting the appropriate safety gear. Wearing batting helmets with the chin strap fastened will help to protect the head. Take a look at the league policy before selecting a bat because aluminum bats are not allowed in some leagues. Other gears include batting gloves, throat guard, facemask, shin guard and sliding pants. It goes without saying that all the equipment must be of high quality and thoroughly checked before each game.

·        Limit pitching time

Excessive pitching is the leading cause of wrist, ligaments and elbow injuries especially in young baseball players. Professional pitchers always ensure that they adhere to league guidelines concerning pitching. Find out about the maximum number of pitches that are ideal weekly and stick to it. Many pitchers regularly complain of pain in their arms. When this happens, allow the pain to subside before playing again. It’s not surprising that many parents enroll their children in pitching lessons so that they can develop excellent pitching techniques.

·        Use breakaway bases

There is always a high rate of injury occurrence in base paths. Players can be seriously injured when they slide into a stationary base. This is the reason why health practitioners approve breakaway bases that rarely detach when players slide into them.

·        Engage in exercise

It’s important to exercise before the beginning of a new season. It helps players to be in good shape and prevent injury. Warming up is a sure way to avoid overuse injury which is common in baseball. The coach should encourage players to engage in lots of exercise that can help to improve throwing arm, swinging bats and the rest. Once the exercise period is over, pack all the equipment before the game commences.

·        First aid box

As a rule of thumb, a first aid box should be provided during practices and games. This will help to take care of the frequent burn and scrape that happens as players swing, slide or run. Sports first aid kit can be ordered online or purchased in stores. It should contain things like antibiotics, scissors, bandages, compresses and sunscreen.

·        Minimize the risk of accidents

There are many ways to reduce the risk of accidents in baseball. Although most coaches will train players to be their possible best, parents must also inspire their children to communicate clearly with others. Effective communication skills are required in other aspects of life asides sports. During trainings, players should run the bases with their heads up in order to minimize collision. Apart from that, it’s imperative to avoid playing when battling with loss of motion and wait until you are physically fit. Even after following all these safety precautions, it’s necessary to check the field for any shard of glass, debris, stump and holes.

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