Five Premier League Starlets Who Could be Eyeing Loan Moves This Summer

The summer football transfer window has opened, bringing with it what supporters regard as the media silly season – weeks of wild speculation and approximately one completed transfer for every hundred rumours.

Financial Constraints

It’s also the time of year when the financial constraints of the game, felt by all but the most affluent Premier League clubs, are thrown into sharp relief. Put simply, most clubs can’t realistically afford multiple multi-million pound purchases. This is a key reason behind why loan signings are becoming an attractive option for clubs which desperately need squad refreshment, but lack the monetary wherewithal to make expensive marquee signings.


The system of loan signings generates a degree of controversy, as shown in this BBC article from a couple of years ago. But the system has some clear benefits. We’ve already identified a major advantage – less prosperous clubs can obtain an injection of much-needed talent without breaking the bank. The player – usually young and inexperienced and therefore not a first team regular at his club of registration – gets the games necessary to grow as a professional footballer. And the “owner” club sees its players develop in a less pressured environment. David Beckham was famously loaned out from Manchester United in his youth.

This Summer’s Likely Loanees

The newspapers haven’t been slow to name the Premier League starlets who will be the most hotly sought-after loan targets this summer:

– Tammy Abraham of Chelsea

– Patrick Roberts of Manchester City

– Josh Harrop of Manchester United

– Ruben Loftus-Cheek of Chelsea

– Trent Alexander-Arnold of Liverpool

As well as being attached to some of the Premier League’s most famous clubs, these players have another commonality, namely that they have worked and trained hard in the game since childhood.

 Aspiring Footballers

Youngsters will no doubt be inspired by the excitement surrounding these players, and parents of those enthused by the transfer news will have no difficulty in finding local leagues and clubs which specialise in youth development. As well as being readily accessible and easily organised, the game doesn’t have to be expensive, with cheap football team kits being sold by numerous outlets such as

Your young enthusiast isn’t necessarily the next David Beckham or Tammy Abraham, but he or she will have fun and get fit!

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