Scottish field hockey impresses new head of performance

Following nearly 13 years at Cricket Scotland acting most recently in the role of Performance Director, Andy Tennant has been named the Head of Performance of Scottish Hockey.

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High hopes for Scotland’s performance

Following Scotland’s defeat in the 2015 Rugby World Cup quarter-finals to Australia, during which the win narrowly slipped through their fingers following a controversial decision made by referee Craig Joubert in the final crucial minutes of the game, the nation was left looking somewhat sorry for themselves, having stared victory in the face, only to have it snatched away.

However, in typical Scottish fashion, they were not going to be held back by disappointment, and burst back onto the scene in 2017’s Six Nations tournament, defeating both Ireland and Wales in a surprise comeback.

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This improvement in performance and determination has impressed Tennant, who has stated that other Scottish teams could learn from the example set by the nation’s rugby team, insisting that Scotland has the raw materials to develop and display world-class performances to the rest of the world.

Scottish field hockey

Scotland has a huge involvement in the hockey scene, and will bring international hockey to Glasgow this summer when hosting the 2017 Men’s EuroHockey Championships – “” The team will have to train hard, practising numerous field hockey drills, and following a strict training regime such as those found on Let’s hope the new head of performance is not left disappointed.

Can they do it?

Tennant is excited about the appointment, and with the international teams competing at top levels of world hockey, the opportunity for him to use his knowledge and skill to assist coaches could be the crucial turning point Scotland needs to see the nation’s name at the top of the charts. The head of performance has full faith in not only those competing this summer but also in the new talent pools being drawn in through schools and extracurricular activities across the country.

Tennant claims he would like to see state schools across Scotland creating ‘Hockey Hotbeds’ wherein young players would have full, unrestricted access to the same opportunities as those in independent schools where hockey is already a key part of the curriculum. In doing so, he argues that Scotland will be able to discover the best talent from all over the country.

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