Tips for Home Gyms

Do you dread the thought of going to a public gym?  Do you not have time in your schedule to head to the gym? There are so many options available today to assemble a very productive and inviting gym or workout space in your own home. If you’re fortunate enough to have a separate space that you can dedicate to a home gym, you have half the battle covered.  Follow these recommendations from the experts to ensure you’ve created a safe and motivating environment in your home gym.

Take stock of the exercises you actually enjoy doing before going out and committing to a host of expensive exercise machines that may well just gather dust for years. One of the more popular home workout options is to follow exercise videos. In your designated workout space, spring for a large TV for videos. If the option is available, hang, or position the TV approximately two feet from the ground. This will make it easier to follow the trainer during floor exercises. Adjacent to the TV and on the opposite wall, hang large mirrors so you can check the accuracy of your moves and maintain safe and effective form.  Select soft and flexible floor coverings. This will make floor exercises easier and be gentler on your back and joints.

Finally, invest in a selection of workout videos that target cardiovascular development, muscle strengthening and stretching exercises. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and make your selection from the awesome collections available through .  Define the time of day you will work out. This can be in the morning before heading to the office or in the evening. Try to avoid exercising within two hours of bed time. Your body needs time to recover from a vigorous workout before heading to bed for the night. Enlist a friend or family member for motivation. Lastly, begin to log your workouts on either an App or notebook in the workout space. Best of luck to you in your private home gym!

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